We are ordinary grass roots citizens. We believe in our right and duty to petition City Hall to make it work better. It is paralyzed and dysfunctional today, a steady stream of scandals, wasteful spending, and utter contempt for the citizens. Our two short, simple petitions will start to clean up the mess.


The first is the City Attorney petition. The ballot title repeats the text we propose to put in the city charter. Right now, the city attorney gets *$192,000 per year*, exactly double what the mayor is paid and more than twice what the governor of Colorado is paid. It's wrong to pay a city employee so much, particularly when they also get a fat pension, free car, severance pay (golden parachute), sick pay, vacation pay, health insurance, etc.

The City Council is to blame for the overpayment; they voted for it. Only the Mayor has the power to fire the City Attorney, but he won't. Why? The City Attorney covers up for the Mayor's bad and illegal actions. In disputes between the Mayor and the Council, the City Attorney always backs the Mayor to avoid termination. No one represents us. That's why we see so much political bickering, so many power struggles. No attorney serves the public interest at City Hall; it's all self-serving politics. Read more reasons here.


The second petition is the Property Tax Relief petition. It is even simpler. Right now, the City collects over $19 million in yearly property tax. That is under 5% of total City revenue, which exceeds $400 million. (City Hall conceals that figure, and tells you only about their "general fund," which is over $250 million, about 60% of the true amount.) If their $400 million revenue grew only 2%, that would allow the property tax relief averaging about $4.8 million yearly without "costing" City Hall anything. It's a win-win situation for citizens and government.


These two petitions are short, simple, and common sense. Please sign the petitions and offer to carry them so 99 other city registered voters may sign. Please contact us to volunteer now and before the April 7, 2015 election. Thank you.